Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Guy In Town

Have you seen it? The new Ikea catalog? When I took my first look I was immediately drawn to this guy:

Karlstad Sofa - $599

It has my three top criteria in sofas:

1.) Clean lines
2.) SLIPCOVER! (with a dog in the house who knows no boundaries, couches are the first thing to get ruined... I love the fact with this sofa I could take off the cover and bleach the heck out of it.)
3.) Inexpensive (as I stated in criteria #2, no matter how cheap or expensive our sofa is, it will get abused. I cringe at our current sofa knowing that it's a Thomasville and the in-laws paid a pretty penny for it.)

Added bonus: I sat on this sofa at Ikea the other day, and it's actually comfortable, too!

Too bad we our bank account is not in the market for a new sofa.


  1. I saw this too! Is it too good to be true?

  2. Thats really nice..modern and sleek. Slipcovers drive me sort of batty b/c they never look neat after they have been cleaned but I understand the practicality.

    Have you seen the new Ikea commerical with the toddler bringing his potty on the couch? Hilarious!

  3. My parents had a matching set of loveseats that looked exactly like this -- white slipcovers and everything. I still can't believe they got rid of them.

  4. Nice clean lines and so easy to clean!

  5. Nice clean lines and so easy to clean!


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