Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I'm starting something new for myself to help me get more inspired to dress better. Since I work somewhere where they don't care WHAT you wear, it's hard to get motivated to look nice and come up with "outfits".

So I'm going to do a "Weekly Fashion Idea Board" to held me find and put together nice outfits on the cheap. Enjoy!

Luisa Top - Forever 21 - $17.80
Smocked Top - Old Navy - $24.50
Mid Rise Cropped Paints - Old Navy - $20
Lux Beaded Necklace - Forever 21 - $7.80
Yellow Heels - Payless - $22.99

Total: $93.09


  1. Ok, now I not only want to dress in gray and yellow, I want to decorate a room in this color combo as well!

  2. LOOOOOVE those shoes! I bought yellow shoes about 6months ago and I'm still in love. Too bad I can't wear them to work or I'd wear them everyday!!

  3. I must have those shoes!!! I love the necklace! You'll look hot!!!

  4. I honestly cannot recall how I cam across this blog, but I am glad I did! It's good to see I am not the only gal facing this issue!

    I too have been having a hard time fighting what I call "The Business Casual Curse"

    See here:

    But I have found celeb inspired fashion to be easily accomplished on the cheap too...

    See here:

    Hope this helps!! :)

  5. I love these idea boards! I'd love to try to make one...how do you do it? Do I have to have photoshop?


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