Monday, July 28, 2008

Make Me Smile Monday

I decided I needed a post full of things that make me smile today...

This bag makes me smile, especially because it's name is "Charlotte".

This rug makes me smile.

This vintage vignette makes me smile.

This pearl necklace makes me smile.

This desk chair makes me smile, and the price makes me really happy :)

This Design Star (Jennifer) makes me smile.

This planner makes me smile.


  1. Oooh! That necklace is GORGEOUS! I hope things get better for you at work!

  2. love that pearl necklace. :) Hey- can you share your beige paint color that is the main color of your house? I came across your bio via Google, and I love the color! Please email me at amberhousley at :)

  3. Haha. I LOVE that planner (but then again, I'm ADDICTED to my planner). Hope things start getting better at work. I feel you on that one! :(

  4. Oooh that planner is! Now if only you can get the hubs to agree on that chair

  5. I think a new puppy would make you smile! Then Ruby could have a pen pal in CA!!! GO FOR IT!!! Tell the hubs it will be his new best friend!!

  6. Love that bag! I am such a bag-lady...
    And also the planner. I have 3 and still forget to do things...

  7. Bryn, are you planning on purchasing that rug from UO?? If so let me know how you like it! It's adorable!


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