Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things on my mind

This post is going to be completely random - I have a couple different things rattling around in my brain and I just have to get them out!

1.) I blogged about a fitness program I was starting a while back called Push. Here is the post. Let's just say there's a constant war in my life: me vs. motivation to work out. I've decided a DVD sounded great on paper (or computer screen) but just didn't work out. SO I got the OK from Matt to start up Pilates classes! Out of everything I've done to try to get healthy, Pilates is the only thing I've ever enjoyed doing. I took a couple semesters of it in college and LOVED it, and even though I tried the pilates classes at 24 Hour, they weren't the same. So I'm heading to a real pilates/yoga studio and I hope to make it a great addition to my life. I start Monday!

2.) We got a twin bed back from the in-laws, and I found this image so inspiring:

Who wouldn't want to enjoy a Sunday afternoon on that reading a really great book? We have 3 bedrooms in our home and no plans of kids anytime soon - so I've really wanted to make one of the rooms a space that I can actually use rather than just going into to use the ironing board (which is what it is used for right now).

3.) I love wearing menswear. It's this thing I've been doing lately - I love raiding Matt's closet (yes we wear the same size. One of the perks of marrying/dating a short guy, ladies!) Fashionable? Probably not. Comfortable? Definitely. The company I work for is a lifestyle/youth based company, we can wear anything, so here is what I am wearing today:

I think my obsession with wearing Matt's clothes lately is a big sign that I need to get some new things of my own :/


  1. I used to manage a PT clinic/Pilates studio. The instructors were so much more certified (IMO) than the fitness centers. Ahh, I miss those free classes!

  2. Awesome about staring a pilates class!! Yay!

  3. I love your guest room inspiration!


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