Tuesday, April 29, 2008


When browsing on one of my favorite blogs, apartmenttherapy.com, I stumbled upon a home and garden site that had a section called "Curiosities". I thought - how clever! That is exactly what defines those little antique and random items that serve no real purpose other than to just collect and look at. You can find these unique (yet rather expensive items) here.

Ebay and Etsy are great sources to find inexpensive "curiosities". Here are some I've found that has sparked my curiosity:

Antique Medicine Bottles

Large Gray Vessel

Vintage Bingo Roller

Antique Brass Skeleton Keys

There is a fine line between "curiosities" and junk... and I think the key is to display your "curiosities" proudly and be selective on what you collect.

I've shared this image before, but in a bookshelf with glass doors is a great way to display your finds!

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