Friday, January 18, 2008

I Bought Some Prints

For the Guest Room, re: my post below. Here is what they look like!

I really love them. It may be weird, but I have to have some sort of emotional connection to artwork I put on the walls. I can't just go and buy wall art from Home Goods just to fill space. My minor in college was art history, and I spent semesters studying Roman architecture and columns. These prints bring me back to those semesters, and I adore the history of complex architecture from B.C. - when everything was built by back-breaking blood, sweat and tears.

These specific prints are also hand painted - I got all four of them (16x20) for $130! I got a great deal. Their frames I will be getting from Ikea. Anyone who knows me knows I love a bargain!

I just hope when they get here I love them just as much as I do seeing them online.

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