Thursday, January 31, 2008

Etsy Seller Spotlight: elmstudios

Elmstudios is a MUST SEE on I am typically not a fan of pottery (too Boulder, CO for my taste), but this sculptor caught my eye. Her pieces remind me of ancient pottery found in Mayan or Etruscan ruins and for that, I immediately fell in love because lord knows I love old things.

The advertising major in my also has to add what a beautiful job she does of displaying her art for sale - the photography featuring her pieces could be printed and hung on the wall.

There is not one bone in this woman's body that isn't creative. She also features in her Etsy store a painting she has done:

I am considering buying this piece to hang on my "gallery wall" that I someday hope to fill with art. :::UPDATE: I DID buy it!:::: Right now all I have is a painting that my great grandma did (which I absolutely adore by the way. If our house was burning down this is one of the first things I would grab):

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