Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New York Market & A Kitchen Update

Hello! I'm sorry for the radio silence.. Erin (from Isabella) and I went to New York this past weekend for market and found some really great things and inspiration for the store.

This picture is of a light filled room in the store Ochre. I LOVED this store, and I especially loved this room!
Another store we both love is Calypso Home. We were inspired by this white and metallic bed we saw there!
We LOVED Tulu Textiles and created a bed with some of their pieces.. I can't wait to put it all together!
We also found a ton of great pillows for the shop in great fall colors.
In other news, we hit a little hiccup with our kitchen.. I posted about it on Instagram last week. The tile I had ordered came in looking COMPLETELY different!

I had to do a side by side comparison.. the tile on the left is a picture I took of the sample, and the tile on the right is what came in. It had a ton of strange bluish specs in it ?
 So, we have been living with this while we tried to figure out what to do....
To move things along, I decided to go with my other tile choice.. a basic neutral from Home Depot. It's pictured below (on the left). The tile on the right in the picture below was what we had ordered and came in pretty different.
I know there's not much to get excited about with basic neutral budget friendly ceramic.. but I promised I would share the process with you :) So that's where we're at right now! If everything goes as planned, we'll get the tile in on Friday and then the countertops are coming in next week!!


  1. I would go with the larger blue, the other looks pink.

    1. The lighting is horrible in the picture... it's totally neutral in person! :)

  2. On my screen the one you wound up choosing looks just like the one that they delivered (but wasn't what you were expecting). This is what makes shopping online so hard I guess. Stuff looks so different on different computer screens!

  3. I like the second choice. I think it works well with the colour of the carpet!

  4. It will be beautiful whatever you choose. I always like what you do. I know that was a disappointment. Been there done that!


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