Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Bedrooms & A Friday Find

Hey blog friends!

I'm sad I haven't been able to post every day lately :( But while I'm running around town and working I have been posting more to Instagram lately, so check that out if you want to see what I'm up to! (name: brynalexandra)

This week I posted two bedroom pics:

When I was at the New York gift show, I looked at a couple different booths for the perfect Kantha quilt, but couldn't find one I loved. Well guess where I found one this week...... Pottery Barn! So random. The second I put it down, Henry made himself at home. He matches too ;) 


This is a bedroom install I did yesterday.. we are just waiting on the artwork from OKL and then it will be finished. I'll post some real pictures when the art comes in.

And in true "Friday Find" fashion, I have to mention World Market... they re-did their website and it looks fantastic. It reminds me a lot of west elm, and you all know how I feel about west elm (love!)

Check out this rug picture:


Really, really cool rugs. I think I need this one for my living room to layer over a jute rug: 

(it looks much more blue in the first picture.. I'm hoping it is more blue in person, too. Oh and it's only $70. !!!)


  1. You may have answered this elsewhere on your site, but in the top picture, where did you get the screen/headboard? I've been looking for something similar. Love your designs!

  2. you're right world market's web site looks fantastic. way better than the one before!!!! a web site really affects whether or not i'll go back and check out their stuff.

  3. Nice choice. Next year they should have a bloggers group. So many of us attend, it be nice to meet up at NYIGF.

  4. I've been looking for bedding like that! I'd never heard the term Kantha before, so you may have really helped my search!

  5. Hi! Love your blog! I have a question...that screen from it situated behind a queen bed, or is that a full bed in your guest room? Thanks so much!

  6. I am using the World Market screen in one of my guest rooms too! I love the shape and love the bedding on the second bedroom.

  7. You may have convinced me to pick up that screen for our bedroom after all... It looks so good!


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