Thursday, May 31, 2012

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith is one of my all time favorites.. I love everything she does. She can do both neutral/sophisticated and colorful/fun perfectly.

I recently came across this image on Pinterest..

So pretty!! I love that the books are the source of color in the room. I clicked on through her portfolio and enjoyed some great inspiration.

(I've shared this one before but it's one of my favorites) 

All images taken from here.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ms. Smith!


  1. love the little girls room, and how it is girly without being all pink

  2. Yep! Love her too. I was just pinning some of her images the other day!

  3. She's amazing.  Her own home is my very favorite.  Every last room made my jaw drop further and further to the floor.  It was in HB a while back.


  4. photo #1 is beyond stunning..... im wondering if its possible to do something like this as DIY?

  5. She is great!  Thanks for introducing me :)

  6. She really does have such talent! I love looking at her portfolio, the inspiration is endless!

  7. Fantastic style! I love the floor in the blue kitchen!

  8. Yep...kind of makes me sick with envy...those rooms are so damn pretty.


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