Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Are you so sick of hearing about Missoni for Target? Yesterday morning I had to stop by Target to fill a prescription, so I thought what the heck.. I'll check it out. I was at Target at 10:30 AM and everything in the Home Decor department was sold out!! Bummer.

I did however find some great fall heels (I love them even without the infamous "Missoni" name) and some notecards (which were also something I've been needing to pick up lately). Score! I also purchased a fold up toiletry case. There was a crowd of women and I thought I HAD to have it.

Well, after I got in my car I had buyers remorse since I have a perfectly good toiletry case at home. I don't need two. So later that day while I was still running errands I went to the other Target near my house (I'm lucky, we have two super close to us!) to return the case. Well, this Target had just a couple Missoni home items left so I picked up a candle and a cute frame.

And here they are, my Missoni for Target scores:

The candle smells really good but they cheap-ed out on the wick; the candle blows out when the fan is on! But the holder is really pretty and when the wax is gone I can still use it.

I love my new suede heels! And the notecard set.

I had to get this frame because it has all the colors that is in my Nympheus pillow.

And here is a crappy iPhone picture of the frame in use:


This picture from our wedding is one of my favorites from the day. The DJ had put on the song "Sweet Caroline" and someone had grabbed the mic. Matt got a hold of the mic and serenaded everyone (and believe it or not, we were too busy to even drink that night! We were on an incredible high). It was such a great moment, everyone was singing along and I always laugh at the groomsmen with their suspenders down. It started a tradition in our group of friends of Matt getting the mic and singing this song at all our weddings.

On a side note, I love how the white on the frame is directly under the white on my dress. haha!

Did any of you guys get any Missoni scores?


  1. Excellent purchases! I bought those same heels, a blouse and a dress!

  2. Ha, no, not tired, and haven't had a chance to stop by the store myself! Those shoes are adorable! Janell

  3. Love the little candle - I heard it was a zoo! Glad you managed to sneak out with a few good finds!

  4. No Missoni scores for me, but I just wanted to say that we have a picture almost exactly like that from our wedding when Sweet Caroline was playing.  We also were too busy and had barely anything to drink but as you put it so nicely, we were on such an amazing high it didn't matter.  None of my other married friends had that feeling and I'm so glad someone else has experienced it!

  5. Target site down when I woke up...just wanted to check it out, really didn't like anything.  That only made me more curious so I headed out around 10 and everything was gone gone gone.  Of course that made me insane!  So I HAD to have some melamine plates.  While they're cute, I know I only bought them because of the hype.  We never eat outside.  Powerful marketing Target, well played.

  6. I was curious, so I stopped at my Target after taking kids to school, 8:30-ish. There were still unpacked Missoni boxes laying around the store, some items on display and no one shopping. I was underwhelmed by the items I saw. I was most excited by the tights & notebooks. So I grabbed some of each for me & for my girls. When I got to work and checked in online I saw all of the hullaballoo/hysteria and thought maybe I had missed out on some crazy-good stuff. SO, I stopped in at a different Target later in the afternoon... really scoured the store to see if I was missing out but still I was underwhelmed by it all. I did spy an awesome piece of luggage (that i didn't need) and still felt good with my tights & notebooks. Love your wedding pic, love the shoes, too... I didn't see those at my store.

  7. I steered clear of my local Target store and the website yesterday after all of the hullabaloo. I LOVE the candle you found. It will be a lovely pencil cup or vase when the candle is finished.

  8. bryn, i had the same toiletry case in my cart for about half an hour. finally decided i didn't need it and put it back on the rack. i did get the other small cosmetics case (which i do need), a candle (my fave although i'm not thrilled with the scent) and some bins for my office. i shopped in the afternoon at my store and most everything was gone.

  9. No scores for me either... I had a busy day yesterday and kind of forgot about it, now I hear it's all gone! :( I love your shoes and your picture frame!

  10. No scores for me! I'm JEALOUS! any idea if any of these items will be restocked?

  11. Ah I wasn't able to go yesterday and I'm sooo sad! I'm pretty sure the shelves are empty by now but I'll still try my luck! Great finds. :) 

  12. I went first thing this AM and it was ll almost sold out!!  I was hoping to get a small bag or a beautiful bowl for my house, but there was slim pickins.  Oh well.  Love your scores!!

  13. Wow. I'm going to Target TONIGHT.

    And I love that wedding pic!! Sounds like such fun.

    - jen @ stuffjendid

  14. I got the same heels as you! 

  15. No Target purchases for me but I do love yours! Your little blue candle holder is cute too! Mind me asking where it is from?


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