Thursday, September 8, 2011

One man's trash...

You know the saying... one man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure.

Last week my MIL was here to visit (no projects this time, just lots of hanging out and work on my part). During Labor Day Weekend my husband's grandparents (MIL's parents) stopped by for a quick visit on their way to the beach. They know how much I love old, thrifted things so they always bring little gifts for me that they have either found or bought at a garage sale usually for $1 or so. This time they brought some really great things!! I was so excited :)

My favorite is this awesome old chair:


It has so much character (even though it needs some work, like a seat and a back). It's perfect for this little nook in our living room:


I think a contemporary fabric would look great on it.

They also brought this little table that was a perfect fit in between the two Joss & Main chairs I won at Blogfest:



It just needs a fresh coat of paint and some love. What color should I paint it? Hmmm...

I joked with Matt's grandparents that they can come and stay anytime especially since they are furnishing our living room haha.

Thanks again, Nani and Pa!

(oh, so much still left to do in this room......)


  1. I cant wait to see what your going to do with both items. I love the carving on the chair and I cant believe you won those great chairs.  I wish I would of won them.  Lucky girl!

  2. Love the little table I kind of like it as is. And your chairs rock.

  3. That is a smoking table, my Grandpa had one and kept his tobacco, pipes, etc in the drawer.  My sis has it now and it sits next to a chair in her living room.  Enjoy!

  4. Those are some awesome finds! I love coming across unqiue treasures like these :) 


  5. Oh I love that chair...the design on it is so cool! Such a treasure.

  6. Cool table and chair! FYI, that chair looks like it is Eastlake - it looks like the Eastlake secretary my dad gave us. Made in USA in late-Victorian era (I believe).

  7. I kind of LOVE the worn character that the little table has.  It looks as though it has hundreds of stories to tell. 
    PS - tell the grandparent's to visit me too! :)

  8. What great In-Laws! I love how your living room is coming together, it is looking fabulous!

  9. Wow can the grandparents come visit me too! What great finds! I love the chair especially and agree it would look great with a contemporary fabric. I think the table would look nice in a smoke gray type of color.


  10. Oh, that's such a lovely little table! Like other have said, it looks fabulous as it is, but I'm sure you have something very cool in mind. Can't wait to see the fabric you'll use in the chair! :)

  11. Great finds... I am thinking either Benjamin Moore 'Silver Fox' or Sherwin Williams 'Manor House'- both are really cool neutrals- without being white or black.  I have used both on pieces to achieve that layered look you mentioned in your house tour post.  They will match nothing and look great with everything!!!

  12. love your new treasures bryn! especially that lovely little table. would you mind telling me the color you used on your walls? it looks so fresh and light!

  13. Love the chair.  Since the top looks kinda like a crown, it would be cool in a Union Jack pattern.  Just my two cents.

  14. That little table is adorable! I'd love to see it painted a soft shade of green... a more gentle version of the green on the ottoman in your family room.

    - jen @ Stuff Jen Did

  15. I think a glossy navy blue would be awesome.  This is inspiring me to get to work on some refinishing projects of my own!


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