Monday, July 11, 2011

I Love Thrifting!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting dubbed Saturday July 9th "I Love Thrifting Day" and of course I had to be there! We all met at Habitat for Humanity ReStore, which was HUGE... I will definitely be back.

Images of the Restore via Amanda (my Blogfest partner in crime!)

It was at Goodwill that I found some great stuff! Yes, my bag was almost as big as I am.


Check out my loot...


I saw a woman (not in our I Love Thrifting party) pick up the magazine rack and put it back. I went and grabbed it.. I love the preppy trim and bamboo frame.

I also love anything cobalt so the cobalt stemware glasses went into my cart. (Yes I had a cart)

The little clock won my heart because it reminds me of a little port hole.

Isn't this shell dish beautiful? I love the detail.. you can see the ridges on the shell and everything. It'd be perfect for holding jewelry.


This brass box stood out to me.. I LOVE the small quatrefoil cut-outs (when I thrift, it's usually the details that makes or breaks it). Anything with quatrefoil - I'm sold.


Since my Colorado trip, I've been missing my bffs and baby Claire, so I had to go check out the baby section to see if there was anything she had to have. These adorable outfits were less than $2!! Whenever I have kids, I will definitely be shopping Goodwill for their clothes.


And because she's adorable, I'll use this opportunity to post another picture of her:

We call this move "Lounging At The Beach". I think she'll look pretty darn cute in her new thrifted digs.

All the above I got for around $21!! I call that a successful day.


  1. Was the shell dish at the Restore? I thought I saw something like that there!

  2. recycledconsignanddesignJuly 11, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    Holy cow you have some great places to thrift! I can't believe all those dressers in the picture, we might have 2 dressers at our thrift shops at a time! And your finds are soooo good, I would have bought them too!

  3. I am POSITIVE that my Mom had that exact brass box when we were kids.  Memories!!  

    Boy do I love me a good thrifting post...I'm starting a new Trash or Treasure series tomorrow and hoping it goes over well!  We shall see, I might be one of the only ones who can see past the funk. :-)

  4. I so need to go to the habitat store!!!! I spy some stuff I need!!! And I would have scooped up that magazine rack too. I know the feeling when you see someone else checking out an item you want.... you're holding your breath, saying "you don't want it, you don't want it..put it down", and then trying to just casually walk over and pick it up. I love a good thrifting day.

  5. I bought a magazine rack on our thrifting day too! Although I think I like yours better :) I also just bought a smaller version of that bronze box at the goodwill a few weeks ago.  Great minds think a like!

  6. Nice finds! I just love that shell dish. I had my own thrifting success this week with brass candlesticks and a vintage Cesar's Palace ashtray.

  7. Oh, sooo cute!  You got some awesome stuff! I love the brass box in particular, but your stuff group together on the table looks like it could almost be a display table :) just because everything is so pretty!
    Good picks!
    Also, cutest. baby. ever.  <3

  8. It looks like you had a blast. I always shop thrift stores for Jett's clothes since he grows out of them so fast. Just last week I got him 3 new RL polo shirts from a thrift store. Love it! 

  9. Great loot Bryn!

    So glad you could join us.


  10. Great finds Bryn!!!

  11. Love your finds, especially that clock!! Hoping we get to see how you use them in your home? Xo, Katie

  12. What great finds, Bryn! Love, love, love your new magazine rack...not to mention that adorable little baby girl!

  13. AthoughtfulplaceblogJuly 11, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Super cute finds. And I have to say that your baby is just precious. The "just kickin' it" pose is killing me. 

  14. My mom used to have a brass box just like that when I was growing up. I wonder what happened to it. Love the shell dish and the cobalt glasses! Maybe I should make a trip to Goodwill. It's definitely time to make a donation anyway...

  15. Nice work!  We had a great time up here in PA.   We did not hit up Restore but yours looks awesome. 

  16. DeliciouslyorganizedJuly 11, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    you definitely scored! i haven't done any thrifting in forever...might have to do that soon!

  17. that magazine rack...such a score!!
    it's a  ralph lauren-y, I spend my days playing polo and drinking mint juleps kind of thing :)
    great finds

  18. I like the lady in the background's face

  19. Acctually that mag. rack reminds me of a Gucci Bag!! Love it

  20. HelloloverofbeautifulthingsJuly 11, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Great finds! I especially love the magazine rack and the shell dish.

  21. I absolutely love the shell dish; great finds! I'm sorry that I missed this the event!

  22. ahhhh sooo cute!!  love the clothes

  23. great finds! wishing i had that dresser in the front far right ;)

  24. NICE loot! Love the photos of you on the hunt, too! :)

  25. Love me some thrifting...and love your finds :)  Just saw this on One Kings Lane...reminds me of your shell dish.  What a score!    Have come to love your's a daily read for sure :)

    Also, just made a bulletin board based on the tips you offered in a previous post!


  26. Sounds like you had a great time thrifting!  The magazine rack is ridic!

  27. i want your magazine rack!!!!


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