Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nice Throw Pillows

If someone showed me this image and asked me where these throw pillows are from.. I'd probably say Crate & Barrel.

Guess where they are from? IKEA! I found myself browsing the IKEA pillow selection and was very pleasantly surprised. These four pillows create a soft, pretty mix of (faux) silk, linen and cotton. Perfect for a neutral nelly room.

From top to bottom: DAGNY, AINA, HENRIKA, RITVA

All covers range from $6 to $15 (!!!). IKEA also has feather inserts for only $7 (!!!).

I'm always an advocate of beautiful designer fabric pillows (they can really change a room), but these four pillows are pretty great. They look much more expensive than they really are!


  1. Really pretty! I'm actually heading out there in a couple of minutes. I will have to check them out in person.

    So excited to be seeing you in a couple of days. Need to email you with my cell phone so we can find each other at High Point.

  2. Oooh! Great find. I'm a big fan of buying inexpensive pillows in different colors and textures so that I can decide what look I really love (and it takes me a loooong time and many tries because I'm a major commitment phobe) before I spend the money on custom, designer ones. I'm ready to plunge into some silk options...these are fabulous choices.

    Thanks Bryn!


  3. They DO look really nice and also come in nice colors too, but in fact I bought the velvet one in December and after about a month, the stitches were coming undone on one side, when I removed it from the filler for sewing it back, the zipper also got broken...So if you're buying them, you may consider them as a "temporary fix" only...

  4. These pillows are just what I've been looking for - those stripes are perfect! So glad I came across your blog! :)


  5. Those pillows looks so much more expensive- time for a trek down to Ikea! :)

  6. Just so happens I have to go to Ikea this morning to get a few things for my shelter room....will have to check them out!


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