Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Bloggers, Two DIY Projects

I mentioned recently meeting Amanda and Mr. Goodwill Hunting (or as we now call him, GW) on Friday. Well they both have recently posted GREAT diy projects that I had to share with you!

First up is Amanda and her fabulous distressed dresser.

Here is the before:

Definitely your basic can-find-anyday-on-Craigslist dresser.

And here is the after:

My favorite part is the COLOR. That grayish-green color with the brass and peeks of wood underneath. I love it!

Click here to check out how she did it!

Next up is Mr. Goodwill Hunting. He posted this diy project yesterday and I was really blown away.

If I saw this wooden letter, I'd probably walk right on by. But not GW.


And after:

Isn't it AMAZING? Such creativity! Click here for more details.

I hope you've saved these two in your blog roll. They are awesome.


  1. GW here...lol

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog. I feel so honored and I hope your readers like it as well.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. That initial art is fantastic! It's got me wanting to hunt down a similar piece!

  3. They are great projects!! It was great meeting you along with Amanda, GW, & Sara the other night!! Thanks for letting me hang with ya!!

  4. Hey Bryn! Thanks so much! I second what GW said. Hope you have a good day!

  5. That letter is a great idea!! It makes it so much grander. And I'm sure picking the backing fabric would be half the fun ;)

  6. Love to see waht some TLC will do.

    I also wanted to say how much I love the advice you shared yesterday. I have printed and am keeping for inspiration - thank-you.

    I'd love your feedback on my blog. I just posted some fall fashion inspiration. :-)

  7. I just discovered Mr. Goodwill Hunting's blog recently love what he does, before and afters are awesome!


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