Friday, October 1, 2010

Amazing what some paint can do!

Let's look back at this post and the design board I created for an e-decorating client in California:

Well I recently helped this same client with their dining room. I told them to go DARK with the paint, and I am so glad they listened :)

This is the before paint color:

The color I picked for them was "Deep Indigo" by Benjamin Moore. Love this color!

And here is the after. It's amazing what some paint can do.

I created a design board to help them with finishing touches on the dining room...

I'm crossing my fingers for some after shots :)

(ps - this dining room design board was done at my hourly rate which is always a good option when you only need a couple new things.)


  1. Wow! Love the paint color! We have yet to finish what you drew up for us; we ended up NOT moving and won't be moving until March. I'm still debating on some items because the place we'll be moving will have ALL white walls and so I am thinking color will be needed more than neutral colors. Lovely part about moving all the time :-( I'm still VERY stuck on what art to put on the one of our walls so I may have to do the hourly to get your help again.

  2. I love the navy walls. Even though the before and after colors are both blue the little bit of black in the after makes a huge difference. What a great mood for a dining room.

  3. love the dark color. Really makes the windows stand out more.

  4. Ok- L.O.V.E. that paint color. I want it. Almost as much as I want the windows in that room. Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS! And probably original to the house, which makes me all warm and fuzzy and wish I was born in the era where homes with that kind of character didn't cost a billion dollars to build!

    Also like the chandelier and pumpkin and green color on the design board!

  5. rocked that color. Really makes the room seem more sophisticated already.


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