Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Note About Comments

Before I post a "fun" post today I wanted to post a little "housekeeping" note about blog comments. I had an Anonymous commenter say:

"Am I the only one wondering why were able to leave comments and questions if they are not going to be responded to. I bet this comment doesn't even get posted."

I'd like to address this. Unfortunately blogger doesn't have a good comment response system (that I know of). Some blogs are able to respond to a comment right below the comment like a message board thread; I wish Blogger had this capability.

To assure your questions in the comment section gets answered, please:

- Link your email to your Blogger account. This way, when I get the comment in my inbox, I hit "reply" and it goes straight to your email.

- If you do not want to link up your email or if you do not have a Blogger account, please email questions directly to me at brynalexandra at gmail dot com. Any questions emailed to me will be answered.

I spend the morning writing my blog posts (around 7:30 am - 10 am) and then the rest of the day is spent on client work. I'm very lucky to be busy with my business, and I do not always have time to address questions in my comments. I love having my blog as an outlet, but I don't blog for a living so I cannot dedicate all day to the blog (I wish I could!). With that being said, I will always respond to any and all questions via email.

Again, my email is brynalexandra at gmail dot com.

Thanks for understanding!!


  1. I agree--- I get a lot of questions via blog comments. And I often times cannot respond because their email addresses are not linked!

  2. This is so frustrating... I have a blog and get a lot of questions via email and comments. Sometimes I am sure one or two have slipped through the cracks mistakenly - I do try to answer them all. But to have a reader DEMAND that we answer each and every question is a little rude. I enjoy writing my blog, but I am not at the beck and call of my readers. Often times I find that they have a question that I already answered in the post if they would read it better.

    Sorry to complain here in your comments, but I just wish we were all above this stuff. Keep your head up Bryn, you write such a lovely blog and work so hard! We appreciate it!

  3. ha! I rarely read back to see if there was even a question asked. Email is way better. I have been blogging for too long to still not know how to work anything

  4. Wow, that comment was seriously rude.

  5. Just echoing Jill above to say that I enjoy your blog, Bryn. I thought that comment (the one you referenced, not Jill's) was kinda harsh.


  6. Very well put, B. Keeup the good work.

    Yes, I have to agree w/ previous poster that more often than not, you've answered the question in your post but people just don't read carefully enough.

    Also w/ you that not every blogger makes a living off their blog so don't expect us to be married to our computers.

  7. I can attest to the fact that Bryn will answer questions sent to her email almost immediately. :)

  8. i agree with the other comments in that we shouldn't be dictated by our readers. with that said, i think it is our responsibility to provide as many details about items/products/etc mentioned in our posts as possible -- be it sources in a design post or directions in a recipe post. after all, we continue to blog because others continue to read. and people continue to read because we continue to provide new and informative content.

    try using disqus with blogger. i do and love it. in all comments, no matter the blog host, if people don't leave an email address, the answer to their comment has the chance of not getting to them. hopefully readers realize this.

    but a solution might be to try disqus --- it allows you to respond to the comment right under it and is easy for people to use. works well for me.

    and yes, keep up the great blog.

  9. Well said Bryn, one thing I love about blogging is the lovely "positive" and friendly people who leave comments and show support. I agree and think emailing is a better way to ask actual questions xx

  10. ha! I rarely read back to see if there was even a question asked. Email is way better. I have been blogging for too long to still not know how to work anything


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