Monday, May 24, 2010

Fabric Jackpot

I love when blogs take me places I wouldn't normally find. For instance... today via Style Files I found It doesn't sound too glamorous, but they have so many very beautiful fabrics.

Here are some favorites I saved. Hmm... where can I use them??

Lantern Bloom

Lantern Bloom (so beautiful, could even be framed)

Modern Meadow (a great modern take on herringbone!)

Brandon Mably (cool chevron!)


This is only a very small handful of what is on the site. If only they were upholstery weights. But these cottons would be good for pillows and maybe even headboards.

Best part? They are $8.95/yard!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Bryn! I'm looking for a modern print to make a headboard and actually found a fabric that I like here.

  2. Wow, that first one immediately caught my eye! I could even see it being made into a dress if it was of a dressier material! :)

  3. quilt home is great---they always seem to have that amy butler or joel dewberry print that i can't find anywhere else! you chose some super fun ones that i've never seen before!

  4. Thanks for passing on the knowledge. It's nice to know where to get cool fabrics that aren't "to the trade only". :)

  5. That first fabric is gorgeous! And so inexpensive -- an added bonus!

  6. Love that last one! Great price.

  7. Great find! I'm going to be spending some time devouring that site today. I've been looking for some fabric inspiration, and because of the affordable prices, it doesn't just have to be inspiration but I could actually buy some!

  8. that bright chevron is so not "me" but I love it... I should consider getting out of my "box" more!

  9. What a great resource - thanks for sharing! The first fabric swatch is lovely.

  10. yes! oh my word, quilthome is my favorite. plus, the fabrics arrive so quickly, hand-wrapped and tied, topped with a hand-written note! so sweet. they are a fantastic company.


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