Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DIY Potential?

I love these pendants from Circa Lighting:

However they are $420 a pop. Obviously you can't match their construction - look at them, they are BEAUTIFUL! But I can't help but wonder, with a little DIY magic, if you could get a similar look for less...

IKEA FADO pendant - $39.99

Ralph Lauren Paint in Blue Leather..

Gold Leaf...

It may just create a cool, more modern look inspired by the real thing.


  1. I just redesigned an Ikea fixture for the Big Boy's Bedroom I'm posting about and I couldn't be happier with the result. Had also considered this same fixture myself, tons of potential in my mind! Go for it! Janell

  2. I just redesigned an Ikea Pendant for the Big Boy's Bedroom I'm posting about right now. I love how it turned out and had actually considered this fixture. It has tons of potential, go for it!!

  3. Great idea! I've never thought of painting a globe...is there special non-flammable paint?

  4. you should totally do it :) and then make sure to show us how fab it looks!

  5. can you gold leaf a light fixture without causing a fire hazard?

  6. Reminded me of the same kind of look. Not as cheap as IKEA though. Don't know how to make smaller urls.


  7. I'm interested about the fire issue also. I am sure there is some type of glass paint that is heat resistant - you see painted votive holders all the time. There has got to be something out there you could use to paint the globes - would be awesome!

  8. This is so genius, Bryn! I totally want to try it!! Bookmarked for the new apartment...

    PS I hope your home inspection went well! Got my fingers crossed for you!


  9. You could totally fancy up the globe but I think the chain and the ceiling canopy is really the key to that design. Thats why I find Ikea fixtures to look so crappy - that thin wire and plastic cap screams cheapness.

  10. Love this idea! Although, the original is pretty fabulous.

    I also saw Janell's post on her ikea lamp makeover... very cute!

  11. Great idea Bryn! I've seen these lights before and they are really pretty cool, but at 420 each diy would be much better and still give you a beautiful look. I'd love to see someone try this one out!


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