Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"About three things I was absolutely positive."

I have three things you may find noteworthy..

You may have seen, but this weekend I'll be in Raleigh hosting a class learning a LOT along side of amazing Nick Olsen and Jamie Meares at her store, Furbish.

I am so honored to be grouped with those two. Seriously - how'd I score that gig??? I still don't know ;)

We had a call on Sunday and it really got me pumped for the class. Any of you going? It's a great time to be had.

One of two clients I'm still working with back in California emailed me a progress picture of her living room. I love how it's turning out and I cannot wait to get back to CA to finish things up. I'm going back at the end of April.

Yesterday was a bit intense... husband and I just happened to stumble upon a townhome that we seriously considered putting an offer on. It was (is) a great townhome that didn't feel like a townhome. It had a separate level just for my office/bryn alexandra interiors. And an affordable mortgage. BUT after a long discussion, we decided now's not our time. We don't want to rush into anything. We still don't know if we want a townhome or a single family. So many unknowns. So that is what my Monday was like - dealing with those tough questions. But today's a new day, and I'm going to put all my energy into my work!


  1. My husband and I currently live in a townhome and we love it. I bought it when I was 22 (27 now). But we'll be getting a house for when we have kids. There isn't enough space in our townhome to stay there permanently (1k sq ft) with two kids (when we have them!), and no yard for them to play in. I say wait for the house if you are looking for something more permanent!

  2. Brynn,

    You/your blog = inspiring.

    I wish you much success!

    - Danielle

  3. Love the room. Can't wait to see the next layers.

  4. Wow, congrats on getting the gig! Your talent is obvious, I can see why they picked you. Have fun!

  5. Good luck on Saturday, it'll be a great experience! And we have a townhouse and love it, although it is BIG 2,800sq. ft. on 4 levels. You'll know the right thing when you see it. After 54 houses in a month we REALLY knew! ;) *Amy

  6. I love the blue and white chair in the photo of your clients' home. Where is it from? Is the fabric available to purchase separately?


  7. yay! I'm excited to meet the three of you!


    If you buy now, you can start building some equity into your home, instead of paying rent to someone else. Then, when you do need a family home, you can take that equity and use it to trade up to a larger space!!!

  9. my husband and i bought our first house last year and would give anything for a townhouse! the maintenance on the current abode is insane.

  10. Tease! I e-mailed Jamie weeks ago wanting a seat and she said the evening was booked up. I love love your style, and I live in Raleigh so I was psyched. Alas, please come again!

    loving the twilight reference as well

  11. This is turning out really nice! Where in CA is it? I live in Southern CA! -Jami

  12. I managed to squeeze into tonight's class. I'm really looking forward to it! :)

  13. Same question as Kris, looove the blue and white fabric on the chair. Please tell us where it is from!


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