Friday, February 26, 2010


One reason I shared Vanessa's work in the post below is because I wanted to show you her gallery wall in the dining room. Let's use this opportunity to talk about small vs. large spacing on a gallery wall. Examples:

Large Spacing

Michelle Adams loves large spacing...


Small Spacing

Although I've always been a fan of both, I've only done small spacing in my own home:

{ my art gallery wall in California }

Until this morning! I went big and bold with big spacing between my art. I love how it turned out.

I started with this:

And ended with this:

I completely eyeballed it and took a picture after hanging each piece. I'm going to share the progression on Monday and maybe some better quality pictures ;)

So how about you - are you a large spacing person or small spacing person or both?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bryn, where's the fourth photo from? The grasscloth foyer. Or do you know what's in the room beyond? It's a house I think I'd like to see more of.

  2. Diana,

    I'm sorry I do not know. I saved that image two years ago :( It may have been from Decor Pad?

  3. I think I like the small spacing better???? I question it now because after seeing the large spacing, I kinda like it!!!

    Hmmm..., Yes, I'll stick with the small spacing :)

  4. Ooh, gorgeous!

    I have a box of family photos that I haven't put up since we moved. (Both modern and antique.) I can't decide whether to go small or large...

  5. I would have pegged myself as a small spacing kind of girl, but after seeing your new gallery, I think I should give large spacing a shot!

    Where o where did you get those poppies? LOVE!

  6. Small spacing for me. Large spacing can look too disjointed for my taste.

  7. Small spacing - and then I saw your last pic. It's perfect!! Maybe I like large spacing if you have other large objects to contend with (like the tv)? I do know this, the dark wall brings it all together... Marija

  8. Both - depends on how much wall I'm trying to cover and how many items I have to hang!

  9. I'm definitely into large spacing. I feel a little overwhelmed with a huge wall full of closely spaced things.

  10. So inspiring. We are looking at apartmartents right now to rent and I'm so nervous about downsizing from our personal townhome to an apartment complex. Your new place is calming my nerves.

  11. I'm a small spacing kinda gal. I'm loving the dinning room nook picture. Looks very comfy.

  12. i really like the way it turned out too! i have to admit, that i am a fan of the "close" arrangements, but afer seeing your pictures, i'm really liking the wider and more random spacing.
    and i love how the frames look against the black walls. it's really stunning.

  13. Loves it! Can't wait to see the whole room pulled together.

  14. Fabulous! I love you've done - so inspiring!

  15. I tend to be a small space type, but then again I never really considered putting large spaces between the pictures. I love the wall you did.

  16. thought i was a small spacing kinda girl but i like your black wall a lot. maybe the wall color helps visually when you use large spacing???? great post:)


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