Wednesday, October 14, 2009

made for me

Have you ever found a little shop or online store that feels like it was made for you? I found mine. Maybe you've seen it before, it's called Ruche. Seriously though, I feel like every single item on this site was picked just for me, it's insane.

My husband and I have talked about someday soon having "allowances".. where each month we'll each get $50 to spend on whatever we want. We can choose to save it or spend it, it's totally up to us. Right now all our extra money goes to our shared savings for important adult things.. boo hoo ;) But someday we will get our allowance. When that day comes, I am pretty sure I'll be spending my monthly allowance on one item from this shop a month. Even the prices are reasonable!!! Seriously, I'm in love.

Enough with the chit chat... let's get on to the beauties:

This dress is so me. Seriously, if you squint your eyes just a bit, doesn't it even look like me wearing it? Ha! I wish.

This vest is just simply f-ing cool. It'd wear it with a turtleneck, some bright tights and high heels to a client meeting.

This coat!!!! No words!!

bryn = stripes. Seriously, I find myself unconciously incorporating them in every design I ever do.

This says it's a dress, but I would wear it as a coat all season long with jeans and casual tops.

military studded suede tall boots - $49.99

Again, I'm speechless... those boots!!!!!!! I'd prob order them allowance or not, but they are out of my size :(

Anyway, I pretty much love everything on that site.. I could go on and on and on.

[BTW, this site is not paying me to say this and I'm pretty positive they have no idea who I am or that this blog exists. Although if they are reading this, and want to send me free clothes for me to advertise the heck out of them, I would not be opposed hehe]


  1. I found the same site about a month ago and was addicted! I wish I had more money so I could buy stuff from there too.

  2. I, too, am in love with that hooded sweater dress. Love that site, and the prices are so reasonable!

  3. Wow, the model even looks like you.
    Off to shop with my allowance...

  4. I love this site, too. It's like Anthropologie, but not insanely expensive. I'm in the same boat as you.... someday, someday!

  5. I know what you mean girl. I too discovered it a month ago. Viva Ruche!

  6. UM HOLY CRAP how have I NEVER heard about this site!?!?! Ordering one of everything TONIGHT!

  7. Just a heads up. Alot of that stuff is on F21 website for cheaper.

  8. Wow, I love all of that stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love that vest, what a great site you've found. Let us know if you purchase anything!

  10. i love ruche and have loved every single item i've ordered from them. i blogged about it way back in january and have been very impressed with the company and their clothes!

  11. ps ... i have found some tops on f21 as well ... they look similar and i'd compare quality to f21.

  12. Aaahhhh! I love it all too! Thanks for the link :)

  13. Cute stuff.

    So, do you have a clothes budget? I'm just trying to figure out you not having an allowance.... =) Just curious .... nosy. I'm always interested in how others break up their budgets

  14. Yay! I just ordered a cable knit dress and a purse! thanks so much! BTW, I have a promotional code for 10% off if anyone needs it (cheapchicas).

    Happy Shopping!

  15. I love almost everyone on that site! Thanks for sharing all your fashion advice! I need it for sure. :) I love how affordable everything is.

  16. shame on you for leading me to this site and making me wish that those boots would be available...and they are so not!!


    Great blog!

  17. I love almost everyone on that site! Thanks for sharing all your fashion advice! I need it for sure. :) I love how affordable everything is.


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