Friday, September 25, 2009

It's alright to admit...

It's alright to admit that I have babies on the brain, right? As long as I preface it by saying we are not getting pregnant anytime soon! We are still on the 3-5 year plan*.

*(I have to preface this or else my mother-in-law would be jumping with joy... sorry Joan! We'll give you one or two or three or four someday I promise. My mom on the other hand doesn't mind waiting a while to be called grandma)

However, reading about new baby Sloane has really been getting my ovaries going lately. Hey, I can't help it. It's biology. Then I see this adorable thing on A Merry Mishap (who is also due any day now):

And hell, why we are at it... my ovaries are lusting over these things too...

The coolest bassinet ever.

This sexy thing comes in pretty much any color you can imagine. Definitely on my future wish list.

This is hands down my favorite children's book of all time:

I'm pretty sure I will read it to our hypothetical future child from day one.

I'd love to have a baby in the winter time, and get one of these:

And just for fun, here is a newborn picture of me, with my mom in the hospital.

What can I say, I love thinking about babies! Thank god for my 5-year IUD that can only be removed by a professional.


  1. Email me when you get a moment! I have a question for you! ;)

  2. Bryn,
    You are so hilarious! I loved this post. And I LOVE the book Corduroy! It was a favorite of mine when I was a kid and it's definitely a favorite of my girls now. Claire (my 2 year old) has a teddy bear that she calls Co-roy and she's constantly trying to dress him in these itsy bitsy Barbie overalls. :)
    Kids are the best. But life is never the same after kids for sure. You're smart to have an IUD and to fight the maternal urge for a few more years. You'll be thanking yourself for this growing/building time later. :)


  3. I have a question for you too -I'll email you about it ;)

  4. HAHA! I love this! I am so in the same boat (and even bought nursery decor a few months ago...)! But I'm more waiting for the husband to give a green light than wanting to wait... But it's sure fun to think of all the cute baby stuff!

  5. Of COURSE you can talk about/want babies when you're not planning them soon! :) We're not ready for at LEAST two more years, and I want babies ALL the time!! :)

  6. I want to say a million thank yous to you. I've been looking for that Corduroy book forever but couldn't remember the name. I used to read it at my grandparents' house and loved it so much! As soon as I saw the cover I knew! Thank you for helping me a childhood treasure : )

  7. have a baby! have a baby!!
    i'm just catching up on blogs and sloane is honored to have been mentioned!!! ;)

  8. have a baby! have a baby!!
    i'm just catching up on blogs and sloane is honored to have been mentioned!!! ;)


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