Saturday, June 27, 2009

june 27 lunch

Although I'm pretty jealous, I'm also excited that my husband got an iPhone for his birthday... because now I can upload pictures very easily to my blog from his camera phone! (My phone doesn't have a camera... I still live in the stone age).

I'm currently enjoing a summer lunch of meat, cheese, crackers and berries with some oldies but goodies magazines (while hubby is watching golf). Not the healthiest of lunches, but soooo good!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. My husband and I got new phones in February - he got the iphone and I got literally the cheapest dumbest phone because I insisted I didnt need anything special. Well lo and behold, surprise surprise, i am totally addicted to his iphone! im already plotting him getting the new iphone while i take over his old one. iphone rocks my world!

  2. Don't worry! I too still live in the stone age! lol! No crackberries/iphones for me! And I'm ok with that! BTW yummy snack :)

  3. I'm a vegetarian - but boy do I miss salami!

  4. I picked some green beans from my garden today! I love your plate of treats and I love my i-phone! I think you need one...

  5. Colby jack cheese! Such a great choice. I might need to get some for grilled cheese next week.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I really wish I had At&t, so I could buy an iphone. I have the ipod touch, and I just love it. Verizon carries the blackberry storm, so I thought I'd give that a try when it first came out, and I hated it! So not the same!!!

    Btw...I just love your blog, and the name is so pretty!

  7. That makes me very hungry... I heart salami. And I am so jealous of my fiance's iPhone too--though I might inherit it once he gets a work-issued cell. ;)


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