Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Idea Board: Basement

Katie wrote to me with an idea board request; in her family's Canadian home, they have a large dual-room basement. One room is the TV room and the other room is the playroom. It's a bit hard to imagine, so I thought I'd share the pictures..

She asked me for help with two spaces - one for the children and one for the adults; yet still uniform, bright, and contemporary. Her budget is small, so most of the furniture is from Ikea (which is also located in Canada).

And here is the result!

You can see the adult room details are at the top of the board and the kid's room details are below.


- The paint is a green-white. I love white paints that have certain colored undertones, like this one. It's called "Tint of Mint" by Benjamin Moore.

- The grown up room consists of a sleek sofa, chair and TV console table. Two modern mirrors will hang on the wall behind the chair (where the loveseat is right now) and a row of shelves will compliment the TV wall. A rounded black leather ottoman will sit in the middle.

- The kids room will be all about storage!! A large storage center with white boxes will hold all the kid's toys. Rolling laundry baskets will also be a good use of toy storage and can roll into the TV room (I have to give mad credit to Little Green Notebook for this one - it was completely her idea and I LOVE it!!!). A white table and chairs will sit atop a bright green outdoor rug in the middle of the room. And my favorite part - a chalkboard wall!


console table: Pottery Barn
sofa: The Brick
chair: Ikea
mirrors: Ikea
shelving: Ikea
kid table & chairs: Ikea
storage unit: Ikea
storage boxes: Ikea
rolling laundry basket: eBay
rug: Dash & Albert
poster: MadeByGirl
curtains: West Elm
roller shade: Ikea


  1. any kinda chalkboard wall. Great job - I am sure this is a space (or two) that the family will be proud to call home!

  2. Great job combining the two spaces. They aren't going to want to leave the basement! :)

  3. I LOVE chalkboard walls, and that giant shelving system from Ikea. I have one, and it's fabulous!

  4. I love using a bright color in a basement! Great idea Bryn!!

  5. Bryn I love it! Any chance you would post links with your idea boards so it is easier to find the exact items? I know I am totally furniture lusting over that couch right now!

  6. I can tell that you are going to be a great Mom one day...because kids need storage and parents need a space to "chill" too - I love the colors and the shelf storage.

  7. Great job bryn, my only thought was with kiddos, I'm not sure I would go with a light colored sofa.

  8. Love it, Bryn! Looks really great.

    About the light-colored sofa comment, I think it all depends on if you let your kids eat in living spaces.

    We have a light colored sofa in front of the TV and I have to be strict about keeping the kids at the dining table when they're are eating. It's been surprisingly easy to keep it (mostly) clean (and it helps cut down on vacuuming sessions, too!). Oxyclean upholstery spray gets out any stains that do happen.

    I say don't sacrifice style just because you have children!! :)

  9. It's funny, because as soon as I saw this room, I thought - man, an Expedit would be a perfect room divider and provide a lot of storage! :)


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