Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Questions - Answered!

I had fun seeing all your questions for me... hope you enjoy the answers!

What is your favorite moment of everyday?

My favorite moment of everyday has to be in the morning... Matt gets up and leaves the house very early - 5 am if he's going to work out and 6 am if he doesn't. My alarm goes off at 7, and I am out of bed around 7:30 - a good hour and a half after Matt leaves for work. My favorite part of the day is when Matt says goodbye to me. First he puts Charlotte up on the bed in his spot and says goodbye to her. Then he comes around, takes my earplugs out (he snores and I'm a light sleeper). He then kisses me goodbye. Sometimes I wake up and say bye back, other times I'm too unconscious to say anything. But I always know when he leaves. Almost everyday I turn over and put one hand on Charlotte's warm, soft fur, and then I fall back asleep for another hour (so nice!). This little routine is my favorite part of my day!

I want to know more about your hair! It's adorable. How did you have it cut, what do you use for styling, etc?

Thank you! I got it cut after seeing this fellow blogger's hair. It was so cute, so I printed a picture and took it to my hair girl. I've been cutting it like this ever since! As for styling, I'm pretty cheap so buy all my hair products at Target. I wash and condition my hair with Suave's Sleek shampoo and condition. Right out of the shower I wrap my hair, then I put on this awesome stuff:

This stuff is the key to awesome curly hair, I love it! It really works, it smells good, and it's cheap! I then diffuse my hair for literally a minute to activate my natural curl (this step creates my ringlets), and I let it air dry the rest of the way (as you can see in my thrifty threads, my hair is always wet in the morning!)

If you had to eat at only one restaurant for the rest of your life, what would it be? And what would you order?

One of my favorite meals (and restaurants) of all time is a little Mexican place in Dallas. It's called ZuZu. (I just googled and saw that there is also a location in Austin and also in St.Louis!)

I love their cheese enchiladas- they aren't greesy like most mexican places, their sauce is AMAZING and their black beans are to die for. They also sprinkle queso fresca on their plates, which is like icing on the cake. I could have this meal over and over and over. I really miss that place...

What brought you to California? I thought you mentioned at one time, that you grew up in OK.

I grew up in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. My grandparents lived in Oklahoma and we often visited. I then went on to go to college at the University of Oklahoma. It was then, in college, that I decided to move to California.

My husband's family moved out to California while my husband (then boyfriend) and I were freshmen. We visited them often out here and I fell in love with Southern California. We actually broke up, and I still made the decision to come out here post graduation. But alas, we got back together and came out here together. I moved into a place in Los Angeles, and he moved in with his parents. Los Angeles got old fast for me, so we decided Orange County is more our pace. What actually made me decide to move here was the weather - it really is perfect, like they say. Also, the hills. I spent my very young years in Boulder, CO and because of that I'm nastalgic for hills.

(However after being here for 3 years, I have to admit I miss rain, lightening and an occasional snow day. I also am starting to hate how ridiculously over-priced things are. It's been a nice ride while we're young, but we won't be here forever.)

What celebrity do most people think you look like and do you agree?

Once, someone mentioned I looked like Susan Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri. It was so ironic because I always thought growing up that my mom looked like Susan Sarandon! I googled her, and I think if I do look like a celebrity, it'd be her.

Are moms allowed to ask, or is that cheating??? If so, what are your top 3 or so best childhood memories?

Yes, Mom, you can ask! :) But you're getting more than three!
- The snow in Boulder. I remember the snow would be so high that our little dog Toby would run into it and disappear.
- The Snow White dress you made me, I LOVED that dress, you did such a good job!
- Blake as a baby. Was he not perfection?
- Your bathroom in Texas.... I could spend hours in there playing with your makeup and jewelry.
- Our backyard in Ohio... and playing in the mud with the boys.
- Remember the awful purple room we had to re-paint? I think it was in Ohio... even at 8 I cared about paint colors ;)
- Taking baths and then going downstairs and sitting by the fire to get warm (in Ohio specifically). I still sit that close to the fire.

I LOVE your style of clothes...where do you thrift?

Thank you! Here in Orange County, I thrift at:

Salvation Army - Lake Forest
Goodwill - Lake Forest
Main Place Christian Thrift - Tustin
Buffalo Exchange - Costa Mesa

I also have tons of Etsy favorites, you can see them all by looking at my Favorites under my Etsy name: brynalexandra

And that concludes your questions!


  1. i love zuzu's!

    i grew up in dallas as well... don't you miss it sometimes?

  2. Aw, your favorite part of the day is sweet. Gosh, I wish I could wear earplugs too, but then I'd never hear Cameron cry! ::sigh::

  3. I love the little Q&A!
    I might just steal this idea!

  4. Zuzu is right around the corner from my office - love it!

  5. wait - is that a picture of you or eva?!?! dang girl - are you sure your mom isn't susan?

  6. Aww - I am glad you answered my favorite part of each day question! We have a similar routine as Derek wakes earlier than I do too.

    This was a fun read!

  7. Thanks for answering my questions! Wow, you DO bring back great memories. I don't remember any purple room though - you'll have to give me more hints. Love you, Mom

  8. What a fun post! Thanks so much for answering my question about the hair... I'm going to have to grab some of that gel next time I'm in Target... :)

  9. Hey Bryn! We currently live 15 min. from Boulder! Small world!!

  10. Hey Bryn! Thanks so much for linking to me girl! :) "EWS"

  11. thank you for posting about the garnier cream gel - i bought some last night and it is DIVINE!

  12. Hey Bryn! We currently live 15 min. from Boulder! Small world!!

  13. Aww - I am glad you answered my favorite part of each day question! We have a similar routine as Derek wakes earlier than I do too.

    This was a fun read!


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