Monday, January 5, 2009

Are You Saving?

Change, that is. I've noticed we have so much loose change laying around our house, and once I get knee deep into our Re-Org 2009 I'll need somewhere to put it. I'm loving this cheeky piggy bank from Fred Flare:

Sometimes, when life is hectic, this piggy bank would be so perfect... especially at making me laugh. They have a "Savin' up for Plastic Surgery" one too. Check them out!


  1. LOL. I need that somewhere visible and prominent for when my in-laws stop by. Perhaps they'll contribute to my therapy fund!

  2. We also have a TON of loose change in our house. So much, that when we went to Vegas, we cashed in a jar before we left and had $120 of fun money. I have a friend that filled a 5 gallon water jug, and that is what he used to by his wife's engagement ring.

  3. We have a big old water jug as well. We cashed it in at one point when it was only half-way full, and it definitely had a couple hundred dollars in there.

    My hubby wants to start using cash again and fill it back up--this next time for a vacation :)

  4. Those banks are hilarious! Remind me of Anne Taintor's stuff :)

  5. LOL thats so crazy..what a cute picture. I hate to say this but my hubby is the saver. He took a prada dustbag of mine and turned it into a "change" bag....he hung it up in the closet and throws change in there. I looked up one day and the bag was saggy! I was thinking what the heck is that...but he has several spots and forgets. He found $100.00 the other day in his jacket from 3 months ago!

  6. I just wanted to say i love your blog! =) I came across your bio and blog on the nest. You could be an interior designer, easily! I look forward to reading most posts this year. Happy New Year! =)


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