Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Running : Week 3 : Day 2

Last night Matt cooked dinner - Chicken with lemon butter sauce, artichokes, bacon and capers.

Because of the bolded words above, I decided I had to run this morning (usually I skip a day in between). The iPod was dead (poor planning on my part), so I took off without it.

Char and I walked our normal way, and then on the way back I just decided to go for it - run until I got tired, walked a little, then start running again. I liked doing this, very freeing. I don't know if I ran more or less than I usually do, but I am pretty sure I did more because I got back to my original location much faster this time.

As for a weight loss update - I haven't seen any dips on the scale, but I see little differences. Last night was one of them - while Matt and I were at the grocery store, I was walking down the freezer aisle and caught a reflection of myself from the side - looking pretty thin! However, yesterday at lunch I caught a reflection of myself in a chair, and my butt area, well it wasn't pretty. I have a long way to go still! But hey, it's only week 3 ;)

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