Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dog Love

Do not miss this post over on Erika's blog! It's a group of some of the cutest and funniest dogs ever.

And don't miss Char! Here is the picture I submitted (although I think the dog & monkey are my pick for winner).

Update: After reading Erika's comment about Char's expression, I had to share the background of this picture. It was taken by my amazing wedding photographer, Michael Norwood on the day of our wedding. I love this picture because Char's expression is so fitting for the day - it's like she just knew something was up - can you see it in her face? A little bit of excitement, curiosity and a little worry. She's just thinking "Okay, I know this is a big day, I can see mommy in a white dress and people scurrying around.... what the heck is going on?" I just love it!


  1. I have to be honest... it was the point in the slideshow when Charlotte's picture came up that I got teary-eyed... that picture is a very emotional one in my opinion... her pouty little teeth and the color of the background, her expression... it's a fabulous photo!
    ps- the monkey photo is pretty stinkin hilarious too!

  2. OMG, Char's underbite just melts my heart. She's all like, "I know I look good on Mom & Dad's big day."
    Off to check out erika's site.


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