Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He loves.....

I've noticed lately that despite this blog being called "Newlywedisms", I rarely talk about my better half. Maybe it's because I use this blog as an outlet to obsess about things he has little interest in ;)

Our anniversary is coming up soon, and I thought I'd do a post all about him! So here it is - things he loves:

Oklahoma Football and Saturday College Game days

Balsamic Vinegar

Waking up super early (okay, maybe he doesn't LOVE this, but he's never in bed past 6:30)

Fancy Apple toys, and knowing when they are coming out before everyone else.

As much as I hate that he loves it..... he loves a Big Mac once in a while.

Ohhhh he's going to hate me for this one - but it's true, he loves trashy gossip websites!

Making up for the previous one... he does read intellectual material too - he loves business biographies

Fast cars (what man doesn't?)

This crazy girl :)

Okay, I'm tagging all you newlyweds out there, post what YOUR husbands love!


  1. basketball
    caesar salads (really odd!)
    the movie "good will hunting"
    live music
    anything french

  2. give me a month and I'll tell you! wedding is on October 4!! Ah!!

  3. I love that he loves trashy gossip websites :) I talk about them all the time to my husband and wouldn't be surprised one bit if he secretly looked at them :)

  4. Cool post! I a blog post of my hubby's favorite things!

  5. Mine loves College Football Saturdays too!
    He also loves:
    shooting skeet
    and my silly jokes

  6. Hmmm... Dogs, relaxing in the shower for a loooong time, cars, cars, and cars, car magazines, snowboarding

  7. Thanks for the idea. I blogged about it today too.

  8. Although I am not married-yet, I made one about the fiance.
    Great idea by the way!

  9. ditto on college gamedays! and all sports for that matter.
    using his new grill
    playing with our pup

  10. Very cute! The gossip websites cracked me up!


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