Monday, August 11, 2008

I love Candy

Yesterday after a fun yet exhausting weekend, Matt and I crashed on the couch and put on an On Demand movie called 'Candy'. It ended up being one of the best movies I've seen. It was a disturbing yet poetic love story between two junkies, and one of them was played by Heath Ledger. Although the "junkie love story" has been done (poorly) over and over, a quote from imdb reviews it perfectly:

"The only thing that isn't stereotypical is Dan who is the backbone of the narrative. Ledger has made it his own and could have mimicked any drug-stricken angsty protagonist the 'genre' has spat out. Instead he has made him a hero."

In my opinion, a movie is very good when I wake up the next morning thinking about it, and that's just what this movie did to me.


  1. Huge fan of Heath Ledger. I'll need to check this movie out. How eerie of a role, considering his untimely passing.

    On another note, I love lazy Sundays, watching movies. It sounds like you had a rockstar weekend!

  2. I own Candy and its a great film.
    It makes my sad though because I believe it lead to his death. People wanna blame The Dark Knight but its Candy. He went to a place to learn from Heroin junkies how to really shoot up. After that I believe he tried it for real. Before long he was hooked on Oxycontin:(


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