Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Guest Room Quick-Fix

I found this gorgeous image on dominomag.com:

I'm playing around in my head something like this for our 2nd guest room.... I'd love to paint it white during this long weekend. I feel like at least ONE room in our home should be white.... it is my favorite 'color' after all.


  1. i love all white! i just changed our begging to all white with some blues (i need to post about it)...but i love that shelf above the bed that takes the place of a headboard. the only thing i'd do differently in that room is add crown molding at the very top in a bold color-- like chocolate brown!! post pictures if you repaint! oh and if you have an anna's linens or home goods near you, mine just got a ton of great bedding stuff in for cheap.

  2. I love me a white bedroom! Do it!!


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