Thursday, July 10, 2008

Decorating with Mirrors

I saw this feature on Martha Stewart (.com) and thought I would share! I am a firm believe that you can make a bold statement with mirrors if they are strategically placed right. For instance, in our Master Bedroom I did not want to hang anything above our bed due to the chance of it coming crashing down on us during an earthquake. So I decided to place large mirrors behind our bedside tables instead, and it worked out perfectly! Not only are they there for decoration purposes, but it actually doubles the amount of light we get from our bedside lamps.

Check out Martha's creative uses for mirrors:

Mirrors in a row to create a chair rail effect.

Make a small bathroom look bigger.

Not totally loving this mirror affect, but I had to add it because of the floors. Are they to-die for or what?


  1. Lovely inspiration and the bedside mirrors in your room look great. They add a lot of glamour to any space.

  2. martha (or her awesome design team) almost always gets it right.

  3. I so love everything about your bedroom, Bryn!

  4. Great ideas. I love mirrors myself...You did a great job in your bedroom.

  5. I love the mirrors with antique look on the glass.



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