Monday, April 7, 2008

Orange County Market Place

Sunday morning Erin and I trekked over to Costa Mesa for my first visit to the Orange County Market Place. This is a fancy word for swap meet. Everyone knows I love a good bargain, and the OC swap meet is the place for just that! We had a great time scoping out all sorts of random stuff. Some of the most random things I saw were:

- Sock vendors. There were a handful of tents that only sold socks! But I do have to say they were a good deal - a bundle of them for around $4.
- CVS-esque tents. There were tents that sold the most random drug store items - but the catch was God knows HOW old the merchandise was. I don't know how I'd feel putting Crest White Strips on from a box that looks 5 years old :/
- "Funny" sign vendors. How many times does it take to see a "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" sign before it is not funny anymore? My answer is 1.
- They sold cars - nice cars! Very random.

But there were some really great vendors there too! I loved the mini farmers market with fresh produce, breads and flowers. (I am so mad at myself for not stopping by the flower stand before we left to get a fresh bundle for $4).

Also they had great furniture! There were wholesalers there with furniture from India and other exotic places that were just gorgeous and so well made. I plan on going back in a couple weeks to pick up a large nightstand from India for $145. There were also down-feather sofas that were to-die for. I really think instead of getting our Great Room sofa from Z Gallerie in the future I'll go to the swap meet. (Strange, I know!)

Next time I go I'll take my camera so I can share my "finds" with you, but for now here are some pics from their website:

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