Monday, March 10, 2008


When it comes to a lot of things in life, I like to remain neutral - fights between friends/family members, serious political issues, dinner plans. Just call me Switzerland. So it's no surprise that I adore neutral white spaces in a home.

It's very hard, in my opinion, to pull it off, which is why I can't seem to ever "go there". But here are some of my FAVORITE neutral white spaces, which find the perfect balance between neutrality, warmth and sophistication:

Rate My Space

Cottage Living

And last but not least- some spaces from one of my favorite new blogs, The owners of this home pulled off neutrality to a T. I wish I had their talent, and no they are not interior decorators. wow.

I apologize, I am unaware where many of the pictures came from. If you know, please let me know so I can credit them.


  1. second photo down, the entry hall, was decorated by Mary Evelyn McKee (I think this might even be her house) and was published in Southern Accents.

    that bath looks familiar ... Coastal Living, maybe? do you get images from Design Assistant?

  2. I wish I had the courage (and the persuasian skills to get DH to agree) to get a white couch! I love neutrals.....there's something so lovely about ivories, creams, and taupes done right.
    Oh and This Young House is fabulous. They're such a funny and creative couple.


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