Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm a little neurotic....

Sometimes I wonder how Matt puts up with me - I am definitely very thankful for him.

I've been trying to pick out the perfect color for our office - and I have bought eight paint swatches so far! I finally stopped myself from buying more - painted a big primer spot on our wall, and started the process of narrowing down to one.

Here is Round One:

After I narrow the colors down to 2-3, I'm going to use the rest of the white space to paint larger samples.

At this point I can't even tell you my favorites - but I'll be sure to post Round Two.

And as a re-fresher, here is my idea board:


  1. Hi Bryn (scissors from the nest/decor pad here!)
    What colors are you considering? Have you tried Revere Pewter (BM)? I have that in my office, and it's definitely a nice light oyster/grey. Everyone who comes over comments on it.
    Thought this might help. I totally understand the paint color neurosis! I suffer from it myself.

  2. I have the same BM paint that Carly mentioned above in our bedroom. I LOVE it.

    Not to add more options to the mix of course....

  3. LOL! Rever Pewter is one of those last three colors on the second row... if I remember correctly it's the last one.

    I do love it!

    It's going to be such a hard decision.

  4. Based on your inspiration board (and my opinion) I like the two on the ends on the bottom.

    Looks like you like one of them as well!

  5. I feel like I'm playing that game where you flip cards over and try to match them by remembering where they are. Maybe it's the Y chromosome, but the two on each end on the bottom row look the same, as do the two on each end of the top row. I can barely tell that one of the bottom row middle ones is lighter than the other. I think Jennifer just filed for divorce.


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