Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

After this past weekend I have lots to blog about, mostly updates!

Update #1: I am almost finished with the Guest Room. Yay! The prints I ordered from came in and I did NOT love them. The paper was pretty much the same color as the walls, and I didn't want to change the wall color. So I decided to go with paper from Paper Source in some pretty prints. They made the room. They just pop, and what I love is they are the first things you see when you walk up the stairs. I also got the frames from Aaron's Brothers 1 cent frame sale. The whole project came out to be <$100!

Update #2: I put up the door hardware a couple weeks ago, but finally took some pictures! They are a little different than the ones I originally posted. They are still egg-shaped handles, which I LOVE, but they have a keyhole. We figured it'd be best to just get all door knobs that lock on the bedrooms, especially since they were only $2 more. They turned out GREAT and I really love them! Again, this whole project was less than $100, thanks to eBay!

Update #3: We took Master Mo, our foster dog, to an adoption event yesterday and he got adopted!! I was really sad, but he went to a good home.

However, that home had a cat and apparently he does NOT like cats! He, quote, "tried to kill it". lol. So, we get him back tonight :)

And that's about it for interesting updates! I do have to brag that the weather here is amazing - sunny and 73 and not a drop of humidity :) It's weather like this that reminds me why we go broke to live here.


  1. Ugh, I'm sooo jealous of your weather. I'm looking out my office window at sleet and snow...

  2. That all looks great!!!

    I know this has nothing to do w/ this post and please don't think I'm crazy..I'm not sure of you got your chairs yet, but check these out from overstock...great price. Also, this room kind of reminded me of your living room. :)

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! I love it! I'm totally putting it my google reader. Oh, and I LOOOOOOOVE Paper Source btw, so I'm so happy you went with them! I can't wait to get these condo conversions over with so I can work on my house again. For now I'll just follow yours! :)

  4. Seriously, could you come decorate my house - pretty please?


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