Thursday, February 28, 2008

TMI Post

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about womans issues, please do NOT read this blog entry. If you do continue to read, the information is TMI and don't say I didn't warn you!

So tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving work early to head to the woman's Doctor and Matt will be meeting me there. No, nothing is wrong with me, and NO we are not pregnant!! I am getting a new form of birth control called Mirena. Some of you may have seen the ad, you know the one about changing jobs, changing houses, etc. Well Mirena is a form of birth control that goes into your uterus (ah!) and stays there for five years. When I saw this, I knew it was PERFECT for me, because I hate the pill, and we definitely aren't thinking about having kids for at least another 5 years. At the LEAST.

I'm blogging about it because well, I have no shame, and because a lot of people have never heard of this and actually asked me if this was legit. Of COURSE it is people! I wouldn't let a foreign object stay in my body for 5 years if it wasn't FDA approved and been around for decades. It's just not popular as the pill.

Here is a lovely little diagram:

I also am blogging about it because I know other woman out there are curious about it, too. It used to only be for woman who have already had at least one child, but it's becoming more popular for woman who have never had a child to get (aka me). I hear it is VERY painful when you get it inserted (think pregnancy contraction, which is why Matt will be there, so he can drive me home) and can be quite painful for up to 2-5 days. But after that, I hear it's totally worth it!

The great thing is that it contains hardly any hormones, and the hormones it does contain never enter your bloodstream (only stays within your uterus). This helps get rid of those crazy birth control pill hormones and side effects. Another great thing about Mirena is usually helps stop periods all together!

So anyway, I know this post isn't for everyone, but hey, you choose to read it if you are at this point! I will be sure to post about how it goes, and I hope I educated some people out there about it.


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  2. Good Luck tomorrow!!

  3. A friend of mine is on mirena and did say it was painful bc she had a tilted uterus. TMI. However she said by the second month she was golden. I've thought about it for the last year but still haven't ponyed up to it. Good Luck tomorrow!

  4. how did this go? I ask because I really wanted to get this but my doctor said since I haven't had any children the opening to my uterus is too small and would make it almost impossible and if possible very very painful. Sorry about such the late post, I just found your blog.

  5. I am considering Mirena. Would you still recommend it? tia! =)


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