Monday, February 25, 2008

Here Comes The Sun....

I couldn't believe these past couple weeks here in Orange County. It's actually be cold and rainy! (well as cold as it gets in Southern California at least). Things are FINALLY starting to warm up!!

Sunny and 70 for the next 15 days! HOORAY! I think it's starting to finally become Spring. As much as I love Spring, it DOES mean more time we need to spend on working on our hill :( It's a huge feat, but we're willing to make it pretty again!

I just can't WAIT to spend some quality time with our backyard. We really didn't use it at all last year because we didn't have the extra cash to spend on outdoor furniture, but this year it's on!

I also can't wait to start going to our favorite little beach town, Laguna Beach, regularly again!

On a side note - am I really making a post about the weather? How boring am I! ha. But hell, we pay the crappy prices to live out here, we mine as well be able to brag about the weather!

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