Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm LOVING Pottery Barn's Chandeliers right now. I have two I'm eying, waiting with baited breath for them to go on sale.

The previous owners put in our current Chandeliers, and I am not a fan at all. They are too traditional/boring for me. I'd like something a little more modern/unique. Since they are still in great shape and great looking - I'm hoping to sell them for a good price on Craigslist!

This chandelier to replace this one:

Eventually our bar height table will be in this room, and the formal dining table will be in this room:

And since you don't really need a FAN in a formal dining room I'd love to replace this fan with this chandelier:

A side note - even though we are holding out to buy new couches for the Great Room, Matt and I have still decided to make the switch sometime soon - the Living Room will be the same, but we will put up the flat screen above the fireplace. We will then get rid of the nasty old dirty sectional, move the bar top table (that is in the kitchen now) to where the formal dining table is now - and convert the "smallest family room ever" into our formal dining room. I can't wait! I'm sick of spending the MOST time in the SMALLEST room.

It never ends, does it? Sometimes I wonder how Matt can stand me!!

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  1. I love the mirror you have leaning against the wall in the picture of your dining room. where did you find it?!


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